Confidence can be an aspiration
Respirated through timid lungs
Breath deep, fissured words
Exhale conceptual carbon dioxide
Oxygenated by the natural life

Undefined, mismanaged, administered by force
These overdone failures have self-prepossession 
To blame, precursors to magic, mystical spiritual flimsy
Whimsy may feel sure, but it's guarded by slime, slipping by rote

Dances show wolfishness to be what it is: another character 
In the republic of personal development, though self-shelf
Helps one pretend to twoness, to reject the inadmissible
And destroy the parts that claim more than their snare

These are false nods to the plum, artifices, fake purples
A ripe personality says o, m, b with assurance gained
By holding the apple of both of the eyes

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