Polymathic magister, tell us how it is
Won't you be my barrister and instruct my coke to fizz
Trust be given trample got
Taking is your torch
It's administration that you manage
Bureau of leaders' ships
Your departmental navy guides the peons' hands
Possession bends to your nine tenths
Across your promised lands
Thank you for your service great, with educated head
Finest schools have said: you're it; our only ways is up
Daedalus had naught you don't, you scientific boss
Say to fly we say how high and head into the sun
Economic noblesse oblige, luxuriate in merit
Higher born than lower castes, how'd you like your beard
Since you know across each thing, tell us how to be
Make it grow and small and good, quality and price
Randed branded manded broad, bearing on the debt
Equilibria won't find monopolies on wheels
Own it all and make it go, the most important chief
Execute the office well to rich beyond belief

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