Possibility is choked off by this a-biotic cell-detosis
Brackets parensqueeze down from sixty fours
To pairs and one, by eleganchipped shoulders 
Undisputable fistory shoved down throated mubbles
Caffeer for the skasses, kicked into footsoccs 
Cleater speeter persquenchitty, reefereed by invasives
Flonosyncratic method: vote on the vimmer, pollisters sue
For the peacey keen swirl who Mssr. Smurdisburg quarkicopia'd
That strysic sliver won't come bout from scrolls, sads, sparketing
Quarts chug themselves, squandering the screedform in short
Suction juicer blending scurds into cottageous screeze
And we are guaranfed winner and sinner after dinner

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