Shallow In-betweens

Circular reasoning squared the caps locked discussion
Shouts got the flight out of fight and we ran away
To liminal preponderance, hollowed out of tree crops

Too long, too narrow, too straightforward,
Our complaints echoed across the empty halls
Squandered the gains, made on false tensile stings

Bumble free of minor nuisances, that was what impatience
Drove away by the scroungesands, fleck by speck dripping 
Through weekglass, seven trillion grains boxed up in 
Cereal toxins: plenty of fiber, iron, sodium fidget fingers

Decent neutrality was a wonder of ancient civil discourse
Or so the philosophers claim, hedging in their translations
Etymology and philology rank the past above resentment
But politicians know which is more superpotent
Driving pain home audiovisually through living booms

Medium massage, brought to you by McLuhanite stall-ag types
Fire in the cave burns up the extra oxygen, unless soft smiles remind
One to look beyond the numbers and imagine the impossible:
To see what another feels and track the light we cannot hear
Into the room between the rooms, where our shallow breathing
Echoes life into no-longer dead stones

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