Mock Imperiousness

Tower, spire, height aspire
Short fiction: vini vidi screechy
Heads, execs, rulers

Rap knuckles with spite
Spittle flames wash little faces 
Dark silhouettes make plurality
Out of minor building materials

Concrete blues, sung under steel
Sway at earthquake peal
Raindrop mildew fastens sharp eyes
To stock markets with intent, even love

More four letter absurdities
Rasping, how did you get in here
Without the shibboleth 

This is a land before crime
Immunity presupposed
As with elite conservationism

The generous fund to save trust(s)
Before contractual piety
Devolves to rabble babble

Fickle faddle
Paddle sport leisure
Below deck seizures

As value can only attest
In the eye of a competent beholder
Standing seven feet tall

A sycamore, broad sheafs
Bureaucracy security watches the doors
Checkboxes for days between us and them

Weather or not our shadows wither the future
The leaves turn at power's behest
Shilling another autumn's privilege 
To the important caste of mind

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