Perfection Addiction: Work Stoppage

It's not good enough! I'm not! They're not!
Repetition and screed 
Have a lot in common

Swinging hammers at nothing
Throwing out the shoulders
As expectations do not meet reality

Ideals are insincere
They'd like to live
And to do so
Must not be achieved

When not is your watchword
The knots constrain
Sweating in stoppage
Frightful and pained

It's time to admit
We are powerless over perfection
Our futility has become unmanageable
A lower power can return us to hapfulness

The halfway done
Partway finished
That path not quite clear
The murky water
Misty air
Breathing deep but not all the way down

As we exercise the limits 
Of our desire for totality
There will be progress
Force times distance

Apparent as our now-disregard
For the diamond cages
We built in our minds

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