The Borg Impulse Spectrum

To what degree would you like to meld
With the minds and bodies of your fellows
Do you get to choose who
How much
Important qualifiers

Exhibit A is sex
Conjoined souls
At evens, simultaneous

Sport aspires to coprocessing
In favor of victory
Simultaneous sparks

Your citizenship,
Left wanting
By separation

Come Together
Join Hands
Make Nice, Good

Do you want to have what you want?
That dog-catches-car regret
What now

When you've morphed into less than you
Into you all
And heresies sneak into your 
Remaining separations
You're sure to be corrected

And yet,
The Last You
Sitting on the cliff's edge
Watching the sun set over the sea
Waves an undesirable solitude
At a beauty you can't personally comprehend

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