The Personal-Political

Kant is a bitter remedy to
Sartre - Camus
One cannot be a stranger
To the rest of the numbers
For the definition itself
Would fail out of context

Banter, not knowing,
Other undignified acts
Unthinking so desirable
As to burn down the facts

To tread everywhere 
Is to be nowhere
While to live within my skin
Is woe, inadequate

Locus control
I plead for mechanisms
Under today
There is so far gone

Bernished, fanmished,
Enmeshed in the money
Own stuck, own muck
Politics ornery

Religion won't save
Solo will fail
Group ways of seeing
Fracked past the pale

Where to begin
Surroundings: destruction
Frustrating din

Foothold decisions
Power that piles
Compounding interest
Might get us miles

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