Defining Foment

differpult: spanning hands can't surround this horse of an issue; one mind spins while ten others reel, and no flying person can make this feel real.

scatterbuilt: degreaser doesn't matter when there's sand everywhere; reconsider building castles in the attic, but if you must, don't plan (essentially), deadpan uselessness.

foment: when lightning strikes, cattle stampede; consider a slower fire, burning images from a cave wall compelling enough to break the bonds that Platonize us.

certaintree: absolutely sure and a single, specific one; barking up this arbor generation, a root system can't exactly be non-plural, as opposing forces don't count when interconnected and underground.

shallow: parts of speech are overrated, as is grammar; deep points are invisible, thus irrelevant to the eye-bound creatures, unless they have a stink to them that drives utilitarian behavior.

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