How I What

Elegant lucid daydream
Lifts soft carapaces, useless defenses
To a cloud-stained city ceiling
I was built for intermittent sun

Gaps moisten musical backdrops
With chords knotted by slow motion
Lower light slips between seconds
As hands tremble near vestigial sundials

Jabberwalked before the rain
Trite commentaries on art,
Science, and poetic form make
A morning out of a molehill

All a being can exist for
Another formal game
Whose ending is an asterisk
On organic journeys' infinitude

Scripting is toothless and essential
Sketched on the laughable ruleset
Meaning configured for incomprehensibility
As abstractions elevate a busy mind

From eons to inches
Where the stars exist inside both eyes
And far away notions
Gently recede to the depths of my mind

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