The Be Known Project

It's not exactly fame One is after,
It's earning that capital letter: Oh recognition,
Your heartstrings are the harp of my hearth,
According to the fire unconsciously burning
In the youthful parts of my underskin neurology

I want to be that pillar that the letter indicates;
III: Roman numerals that might hold up the self
That socially Frankensteins: it's alive and it will
Take its fears out on any who come with pitchforks

I promise on all three of the holiest spirits: 
Whiskey, colons, and achievement
Validation is the notation that grades come in,
Letter by latter, cause after effect, the group 
Knowing that obsessions drove a thousand 
Ships, but more than Troy and Helen,

It's the two seconds of acknowledgement
From every networked human
That touches screens for rage and passion

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