Honey Bunches of Idiots

A bowl in the morning
Will surely adult-onset
That's what was taught

As long as there is enough
Of something, security
Will always follow

Get another and an other
Put out your mother
And don't get smothered

That's butter for your most
A top-ranked billion dollar man
Tied to the yacht mast with braided petulance

Don't take, yells the kindergarten,
It's mine and you never share
Echoing across sad power halls

Kellogg's dream: end masturbation
But this cereal is wanking incarnate
In the flakes of a dullard's ego

Yes! We will do it! Space and 
Time will be taken out back
And old yeller'd

With all that compassion,
How did the law end up
On your side, Mister?

Thought our polly system didn't
Care about mimicry or King
George's tax bill

Yet another myth concocted by
No one in particular
Benefitting a frosted minis few

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