Flounce Lounge

Gearbox the shadows into a machine: technology saves 
The puppy from the river, reads the headline newspaper byline
On cable stews there are yelling heads, leather belts holding back
A nihilistic wasteland, suffering cows crow to the bolt hole and 
Wish they knew how to use opposable thumbs to prevent where
They know they are going; are those bad assumptions? Anthropo
Morphism crimes against humanity by creating more of it elsewhere;
That's tribalism, damnit, the lesser of all popular evils, even if the 
Philosophers claim we got beyond it, and rather than the Great Fool
Theory of History, we see the interconnected bacterial non-willed 
Accidents that might as well have been astrological, but there's no 
Math in stochastic nonsense-prediction, only a little bit of profit as 
The soothing sayers lead people to see their fingernails and taste gold

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