Acquiring knowledge without action, as a body exercises without competition

Utilize can be neutralized
With a combination that puts a 
Meteorite back into orbit
Filling in the crater
With grass and trees and life

Impotence, comes the cries from
The crowd, crowing for murder
Hates wasteful endowed

Nonsenses rain on flowering fields
Melting against petals who suckle
And buzz, there are no insects here

Lay it down, close it up,
Add another cliché to the 
Metaphor list, and make 
That one word the aphorism
By which you live every
Minute of the rest of your books

Act, that's a theatrical ploy
For thought, an unheralded
Accomplishment, physical force,
Motive driving reality,
Though that's not what
We're in it for
It's the beauty or aliveness or
Some combination of
Nothing and everything
That makes jumping in the puddles
Worth every splash

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