The Escape to Go Deeper

Radical retreat without ignorance is
A method for furthering, re-commitment
Delving takes distraction and puts it
Far into the background

And resolution won't howl
On the nights you can't sleep
Because it's dreams and rest
That spell a way forward

The intuitive forces aligned with
May get lip service from the comfortable

But the reaction to watch
Is the unease of the powerful
As backing out of the chains of reasoning
Is the birth stone of new logics
That bare teeth against the dogs
Of war, wealth, and obvious truth

Walden might beautiful
But there are papers and books and pens here
Which is no walk away
It's a run straight to the fire

As long as the personhood
Can heat shield
Against the terrible realities
And horrible prospects

Which it couldn't in downtown Boston
No matter what year
Thus your attentions are paid with interest
To the debtholder of greatest strain
And while you can't remake the world
One may learn to pick the pain

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