Has there been a word faster to turn a mind
To a different channel than Governance?

Put another way, would you watch CSPAN
For your company's board meetings?

Oh, you would? Just in case they mention
Your name as next in line for next in line
To the Chief Executive? That makes sense,

That's what kept local newspapers chugging
Along until the ad money went to the goog;
So if it's relevant to you, it might be interesting?

Then hear the thing: It Is Related. Your life
Changes when the rules and structures and
Rulemakers are what they are or are transformed.

To be is no question when there are underlying 
Dynamics that are legible to the digging shovel-eye, 
Without too many scoops of dirt before the payoff.

Go out and get knowing: have a heart, head, hand, 
Healthy debate with whoever is running your shows.

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