Go Go Go

Scribble and dribble, don't go down that shame
Tunnel, it's not worth the well-dank bucket water
That you sense might be down there to help you
Get drunk, even if withdrawal seems like the
Worst possible outcome, walk back, colder turkey
And let the tryptophan go to your head

After a good night slumber, good morning moon,
Let the sun warm your natural gas and release
The pent up metabolism that you've stored in
A container ship: several standard units to go
That were honed over the top of the seas, in an
Orgy of plastic coming onto the bottle nose
And siphoning off the life

Whose delicate meanderings might say: get 
The fuck off my lawn degenerates! This is a 
Free country, metaphors be damned hippies!
Scarecrows are the extent of personable 
Wanderers, gathering the mighty storm clouds,
Have you said what is going to happen?

Ask away, voters, your citizenship only matters
If you live in Wyoming or made a billion
Off of those strong-ass bootstraps, other-
Wise you may as well be a tree or a bear or
A junkyard dog, for all your bark you'll
Never get a bite

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