Concomitant scruples come in a variety of prizes:
Gold bars for liability limitation plus exploitation
Platinum album shivers in exchange for pop-soda-pop
Permanent parachutes are available by ethical evasion

Contractually, we can't name names here
So think about who's the hero to many
And drop the hint in a trash can, down by
The corner store, and watch out for cameras

Gas up, fill tanks, and use the analogies for cars
To prove that you are transportation friendly to
The caucus of boundary budgets, geographically
Denigrated voting blockheads that have too little doubt

On to tilt, that's the next stage in the game, according to
The fear mungy-burrs, stuck to your socks or engorging
Themselves on your blood (have you had a tick lately?)
That's the guaranteed valuable method for modern survival

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