Mediocrity and Layers

Halfway to decent feels like miles to nowhere
In a heart that wants perfection, totality, and the universe
Parallel structure's demands are for links
Choking the partial and rehashing stinks

Balmier skies come from not too much more
Than seeing the lie: it's all or the bore
Participate strange and live with your mange
That's what I want while I wrestle with age
Timing to make it and go up the way
Mythical farcical hero the play

God is a witness to nothing and space
Unity shatters on top of this place
I is a word that can look like a column
Standing for me or a load bearing solemn

Rhyming for sakes that won't give back you
We is a concept that fades in the blue
Clouds are the need for a rain and a shade
Fiction is faith that a one can be made

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