Chowder Punk

Potpourri is mealy mouthy
Sprawling homeward pealing southie
Macdorone the fleetfoot fire
Scalding air on missing sire

Dadfull rock and rolling scone
Chocolate chips regale a phone
Mixed up seas are food on bowl
Scurr'lous 'greements light bulb soul

Founded fairdead life a'cycle
Marking mourning paralyca
Fingers faster than a mind
Ballish bearing spinning grind

Kick the pot to kettle flack
Fighter 'spondent not a crack
Cap tall building owner occ
Mansion sparring hypomock

Play a music songly spore
Grown up 'dulty fying fore
Undone golf the tennis macket
Clubby chubby frogger vacket

Lost the thread in clothing option
Counted carded license opt-on
Carried number psy co-social
Indy viddy bounded motion

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