Sensemaking Well Done

God complex: the building in a brain that houses that sense that all things can be understood by that brain. It's a useful development, according to many, particularly in the prognostication caste. Even more valuable if you can make those who are more powerful feel god-like while you whisper comprehensible concepts into their waxy ears (and wannabes will buy the book). Build a story that makes it all fit together, a concept of history and The present and The future which would help a Lego-obsessed kid build the model true to life. Any other way would merely be pragmatic, comfort-seeking responses to immediate stimuli, am I write sub-futurists? Who could imagine living in such a dark way. Unimaginable, questionable at least. Though a farm and a cabin both sound nice, for long weekends. Love those complex systems, but the idea that human civilization is emergent sits poorly with this Zeus: lightning comes out my hands, damnit. If It can't be controlled, I am defanged, dethroned, no matter what It is, for as the universal monarch, every It is a subject in my empire. Control is profitable and productive, as every able-bodied ollygark knows from pre-kingergarten. So we're all here to get some, that's the law of nature, didn't you read Darwin's book's cover too? When things seem odd or weird or off, that's what we'll call them and throw up our hands to the beat of the money, and write an ode to oddness, weirdness, and offness. That's called deity power. And it's fashionable lately and for ever.

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