The New What

What's the next big 
Ring on a finger
Banged up on the shore's
Reefers delicatessa 
Berries under the lawn

Grassy stolen childhoods
Thanks to you schoolmasters
Running an education all over
The ever-new, all-clear for duck
And coverlet quilting day after 
Night is a guaranteed term in the
Conditions of your at-will emplosion

One by three makes triangle nitwits
Under cove-wave, dusty raves rock
The Brooklyn warehouse but 
San Francisco only sees zeros
Under everyone, sad fog of cryo
War on bugs spending a life on
Screen running from show to
Snow to not so slow 

And what organization!
Carry caution on the breeze
While bureaus crat-prat
Falling predator to the 
Self in the mirror:
Logos, topographies 
Are not relevant 
Under electric or 
Chemical power

Nostalgio ad chopinem 
Forgonetime didn't 
Get to the univercity 
A wish for urban plans
That include me as the planner

The best of all possible spurious
Bots nailing tweets 
On the front door,
Dozens for bakers
Thirteen hearthstones
Inlaid on the bracelot 
Candied cams
Pointing at eyes who
Didn't get the authenticity 
Memobandum in the ail
Snow, sleet, a bite in the ass
From the dog down the street

Roading for dishes 
Food and sleep, not 
Fresh enough for our
Conservation radicalisms
Capital formulations
Allocated to the Most Deserving
Meritcockracy: A Puss
For the already-aced
Flying low and fast
Another path to lust
After words, what did
Wittgenstein expect:
Context dictionaries
Written ream by dream
To tell the rock to bolder
Italic-face the music

Join! Just what
Ever-loving gold
Purple cuffs
Hide the contract
And find the bowl
It's auto-replenishing
But there must be 
Some newer thing
Not just the old
Wealth bulldog
Whose growl drools
Over the incisors 
Indelicate and mean

The streamers'
Doesn't go up
The fungal snuff,
Bean there, dumb gnat,
All it is 
An algorhythm 
Fucked by unfree
Chill days
Too much whether
For a rainy play

We are still left with
Two eyes and a 
Stritch, devil-in-the-
Derailleur, shift 
Fears Walden-rout
Walked by 
Tower cry,
It's adjunct only
In the general
Dissection, research
Bernal Highers

Commune, no isms,
No ality
Diss mutual, another
Fleather deemed
Made cups with two
Pans, step off the 
Curb, Peter,
And there is
Beyond Between
Bathing off the sweat torn
Out of eyescalds 
Glass fiddle
Played to the last drop
Fellow peeling
One last sweetness potato
Bound to echo
Until sleepy night
Closes another shudder

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