Madison, Mescousing

Are you a river or a state:
Mind the businesses, paper
Mill smell permeates the cheddar
While a long hello runs the 
Length of the ice fishing hole

Augurs of good, bad, different
Times and a return to south
Of childhood, that's my story
In a walnut shell, another morsel
Buried and forgotten by the
Common ground squirrel

It's between two lakes,
Isthmus' geography is
By far the worst for
A future city, but we're
Doing the best one can
Between the sides of the
Rectangle that flares out
And make confusion the
Street-status, a westerly
University and industrials
East, whose capital letters
Spell rural resentment 
And semi-urban confusion

All of us agree, though, that
The autumn makes it all
Worth a while'd winter,
Mosquito summer,
And a spring that doesn't
Know how to start

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