Just exactly precisely how is it possible
To have wealth and hunger co-exist
In an apparently moral society, even in
An individual;

One explains one's pain
As pains others have not faced,
Results of efforts undertaken
And thus the One is deserving
Whereas everyone else chose their 
Shoes too, and they can walk in them;

Some of that which has been deserved
Might be distributed, philanthropically we
Might say, to those who have an alleged need,
So long as its done precisely exactly in accordance
With the wishes of the deserving;

That is the way it is, because of god--I mean,
Markets, a group of the freest people
Making decisions to maximize interest and 
Minimize their pain, and it's the best 

We can have, of course, for Gods and Economists forbid
Doing anything intentionally for another person
Or people, unless you're a philanthropist,
Or the boss, and you're doing it out of
The sunny goodness of your heart,
On the best day of your life
And really only because 
Their misfortune
Is what makes
You happy.

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