Of Ten and One Percents

Would the controversial title sell
Compassion for the Rich
They got their lot from early on
No fault of the own
But ownership’s another matter
That will lefty plea
And the right hand hits neighbor friend
For telling off the knee
Jerks reacted to the hammer
As the leisure caste
Jokes aside the democratic
Vote for every ass
All’s the way the structure said
And yet there’s 'nalysis
What’s the point if willing nothing
Gets one under grass
Kindness fill the dichovoid
Won’t that bring concentric
Circles Venn’d diagrametric
Is it worth a try
Integral the ‘rivative 
Areas hide in curves
Accelerate the tech some say
Failure’s sliding swerve
All we get is mathematic
Fading to the ounce
Stop the fifty thousand feet
From running off the world
Too far away are eyes a’looking
Yarning craning spurled
Closer in the person’s all
Rather late than good
Shaking hands and contact seeking
Never sitting stood
Gathered round the one the fire
Underneath small skies
Of each other not yet tired
Even wealthy guys

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