My, a prairie

The total sound doesn't take out the traffic
But these bugs are busy with their music
And I am studying their unconcern

The hawk has more attention to pay
While the debt column of her ledger
Is a talon slash across the prey

Let me in on your secrets, waving grasses,
Your indifference to mowers and breezes
Denotes a will which won't resign in the
Face of ineffable causes or malignance
Your green-brown morality is seeding 
New generations while holding your selves upright

An oak shivers on an immovable base
Your life is inaction honed to care less
About seasons or megafauna in cars
As a poet looks up at you and anthro
pomorphizes your nature and mind
Your body carries the lesson of years
Inscrutability, softening and hardness,
Quiet adaptation

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