Double Image

Diptych studies before and after,
whether there is time or space or
objectivity, the analyst is an audience
of won the day, for whomever has more to 
say about a scene is the holder of its secrets.

Honest open secreter, enunciate carefully
or you will be judged overflowing;
make a thought and you are a keeper of
unknowable facts until you change their
status to: explained by the second person
to a first.

Close the window as morning starts and 
open it to see how the day progresses
without the gradient of unseen time,
because you have to close your eyes to
keep from hearing the traffic
and open your ears to smell the coffee.

Chemical wake-up calls, another side by
slide, whose course will take the rider 
A to B to Z and leap off the language
scale, slower faster jerked a way
that is consistently no longer
where you were.

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