Freedom Tension, Process Pension

open a mind too wide
and consciousness overwhelms the un
a train wreck with one car: over-fired coal
abstractions overdo themselves
the tracks run out, change gauge
unknowing trust might remain
casually trespass one's forbidden rooms

today, I left the house for a bicycle ride
floated on tubes and streets 
sat at an aluminum picnic table
considering that which cannot be chosen
watching the leaves of oak trees
unfrozen by summer's rending
pretending to have a reason for saying what I say
with fingers on letters, screened before play

communication: to what purpose
share, show, prove, friends, reflect, learn
too many ways and rationalities
waving hands clean and soiled
repetition for no reason
a partial salve to disgust
prayers to seasons a marker of faith
in humanity, what does that mean
adjusted to sanity, ongoing I glean

a compounding interest
in worlding at large
unfettered to dust
dragged by death's barge
the truing of matter
arounding the rim
all may well shatter
while sound sights are shims

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