Fellow Reeling

Loyalty sits between exit and voice
Stalemate of comets' elliptical choice
On the strength of the odds I have windows to see
More than a person makes what we call we

Spun out of cloth and the fibers are worn
Spared from the scoffs but our suit jacket's torn
Vibe/rate the vid and a like for your friend
Palpate a grid in a written false pen

Describe and direct the particulate flow
Flowery specks are the bee-juice we know
Sounding alarms when the stinger is stuck
Crouching in arms that piled up in a truck

Fought for a wore that was scarfing the plate
Vaguely the note on the dinnering fate
Find us in dial and lectical fight
Risking the chatter an ethical blight

Relate what was sailing to all of this ship
Figure out railings from which one can slip
Batter the storm with the pancake of shout
As day breaks at noon say do you want out

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