Germinous Allusion

Will you write a book with me;
it can be about whatever we want
the state of the economy
the stories people tell about the nation-state
a bloodless analysis of poetry

There are so many ways to put words in order 
and it's you and me, baby, 
going to commit these things to crime and memory
against which there can stand 
no argument with our royal we

Sink into a chair and have a scotch
for the world turns not matter the clock
that's a soapy way to see 
and we will share our lenses
mass customization of glass

Stain a page, let's get started
the quantity turns to quality
with another cup of coffee
and a good night's rest
put it not to the analysts, that's us

When all is said and done, we will 
retire on the royalties
and write for fun
as if that wasn't what we were doing
all this time

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