Path Analysis

Think hard 
It's a soft direction 
Without clarity 
Empty convection 

The practical 
Cannot find the words 
For what do means 
Under specific contradictions 

Develop, build, and, execute, 
The theory of the church 
Oxford loves its pauses 
Reality besmirched 

Fail to say the day is now 
Count up all is lost 
And the or becomes a how 
Unreasonable cost 

Decisive magic waits for none 
Casually clear 
In the past the present won 
Contradicting fear 

Syllables distract the mind 
Separate from a body 
Give excuses stenchy grind 
Fervently ungodly 

By the book the failing spine 
Cover hardly soft 
Analyze the title line 
Author's pathless loft

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