Genre Confusion

How does one find a category
When leaping them is the play
That stimulates one's twos

Such is the challenge for an
Unreformed businessman
Add-in socialist
A few too many books
And the desire for efficacy
Blended into a poetry shake

Which philosopher's bread
Will go with my rye
As the everything's bagel
Is a devilish apple in the eye

Conclude: that's the identity
Written on the page
For every other to see
And then send you to their cage

Fortifications make vitamins galore
But to pick up a vegetable
Is to walk out the door
A garden debris
Says orange will color
The reds and the yellows
An unfortunate prerequisite

Take on a walk
The dog in your soul
Harness and leashes
Will make you a roll

And I must return
From second and thirds
First in an order
Or flocking as birds

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