Individual vs. Structural Analysis

Grass is a blade unless it's grass
Who cuts the group and spares the one
Does a harm to intuitive fun
For getting together remembers the play
Stagecraft and roles that line up the day

The unexpected denies identical minutes
Their place in a cloud of personal space
A building is founded on more than one use
To chase away shrouds of mountain range base

Atop on the roof there's more you can see
But down on the ground it's safer for we
Danger is chosen by force or by glee
What does it mean when dependent is free

Pairings and doubles and gathering form
Metaphor bubbles are plurally shorn
Popping in eyeballs the sense of the storm
Lightning is gentler than thundering morn

There can be a connection to all that you see
But improperly putting words makes all go be
Repeating the notion is getting somewhere
Figure out death and the dying who care

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