Definitions: September 8, 2022

Good Life
A noun that makes excuses to become a verb; decisions have rationales covered in the muck of this lever to argue that alive could be compared to worse alive. Brings to mind opposites of the latter component of the phrase, and questions of capitals and process and outcome. Timelines deny the possibility of evaluation and scare those who try. Don't think about it, one might say, just breathe. That may not be enough, even if one doesn't believe.

A compound adjective that would do well to consider itself in parts. There are many ways to use hindsight, and value over minutes is one of the cheapest. Was it? Could it have been? That past was perfect, in the important ways (grammatically). Adverbs wage battle against the assumptions implicit: there are more ways and types of ways that an evaluator could imagine, but the thoughtful shouldn't escape attentive evalutions.

A word-based opiate meant to convert people to religions, works, and habit-addictions such as people. Sometimes cathartic but always manipulative.

A false dichotomy, as in mind/body.

An inherently farcical and crucially necessary tool for making heuristic distinctions between terrifying futures and miserable pasts. Options are not required when there is a happy attitude to now, then, and hereafter.

A lie about something that is not being actively recalled, developed by the same people who invented and honed Guilt.

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