Take querious or floose 
A grip may coincide 
With the ballyhoojoose 
Of verily gried 

Denoter besotted the pupply 
Flower groundsnurl allotted 
To buggly scurl: mark the supply 
Free to tree unknoble concotted 

Brepounded abounded frigidity stare 
Compounded dedounded mobbidity zood 
Regarding the fetter that cranes cannot care 
Affarding a vetter grat trains banter hare 
Popping a fountain to 
Go up a mountain 
Un reason before the 
Making of more

Gainer a trainer 
Reversing the dive 
Flipping the laner 
On Britishish drive 

Grand ill oquenta 
The modem T cord 
Obsolescence frequenta 
A golem pre Ford 

Brumble the frumble 
It's drumbly fragic 
Crumble to humble 
With mumbly magic

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