When you look out a window

The thing you stared at most in your days
will determine how you are remembered:
images are potent,
distilled beverages,
that get the memory drunk,
and imbue your hue
to those who take
their shots 
right after yours

I see a rusty staircase,
intense sun and its hazes
a few out 
the light  light light
to make a wood building
into a fancy
something or other
rest, rant, eat, chant,
where the iced tea gets low,
a song comes from above
and reminds me
of an odd night,
the first viewing of that film
about that guy
who was trying to get away
from society
and mostly his family
while I was wondering
what the translation for red was
and recovering from a party
in which there was only one thing
on a simpler 
twenty something mind
without you,
the memory
and those promises

Looking back out that glass pane
there is a chimney below and among
the trees
and I am reminded 
of Vincent
and wondering once again
if language has enough color
to paint the world on the other 
of the transparent gutter,
taking the rain that rarely comes
back to the rose bush
while I see leaves 
and remember the first poems 
I wrote with the candle lit
and wonder,
does it all come across,
what do you hear
when there are no voices
except the ones in my ear

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