Organization’s Unreasonable Assumptions

Get it together
Make comprehensible
Operate efficiently

These musts contain a less that appetizing assumption:
All tastes can be the same
And shatter into infinite types
The contradiction in unlimited freedom
With just the right rules
Is the failure of imagination
Of whoever did the designing

Breaking the mold won't do it
As with any cliché 
Because It is a story
Of the perfect group
The ideal minute and lifetime
A utility under good
With liberty justice for all

Great or acceptable happiness
Are not products
Won't be consumed
Nor will they be legislated via norms
Or statements of fact

Incomprehensibility rudely demands
The dissolution of order
It's not exactly chaos that ineffability is asking for
But a mixture that can't be classified
Nor used for profit or non

And thus,
Lose the chain of reasoning
At the bottom of your deepest lake
Unclasp your hands
And take a walk
During which you turn in unpredictable ways
Away from the steps 
Ahead and behind

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