Dearths are certain, are they not 
Bedding softer than your cot 
Buildings baking sunny days 
Heater rhythms go to stays 

Decades hence you'll happy been 
Go and don't into the then 
Whence was fortified to prove 
Once again the space time groove 

Meaning lost in carried nets 
Inter phone the message sets 
Instant always throws one off 
Two for money and three to cough 

Up we go on mountain face 
Screening eyes from hectic pace 
Grammar rules the social roost 
Chicken after cockle deuce 

Medium massage wakes the lost 
Family union priced to cost 
Go to latter longitude 
Say the less to not be rude 

Silent scorn stored in a coin 
Crypt or dust reverse a join 
Member fees you'll never pay 
But you won't resist the fray

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