The Communitarian Ethic Under Conditions of Individualism

A macro impossibility: don't mix up your scope
Living may gather but values say nope
Back to the time is the closest you get
That false memory of the safest of nets

All is hypocrisy when law is the land
Cut off their noses with insidious hand
Smelling was freedom but now it's a book
Read up you gather nothing, forsook 

Post-it to note a republic now vote
Tea market taxes evaded by boat
Fairness the junket in dependent sale
Ahab got leg up on particular whales

Player piano is keyed for the spite
Leftists are partying until they right
Wishes for friendship are answered by scorn
Hold what you have until sundering torn

Faith you might hold in the all seeing one
Ages and bloodiness sacrificed sun
Now that it's darkness we all can be here
Neighbors and cowardice making us fear

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