Vagary Metaphor

The cat is to a hateful dog
Built to sooth a filthy bog
Bread to waste the gluten 
Fogged up in albumen

Yoked to hefty monster cart
Left to rigid defiled art
Stolen by the children snark
Twofer selling seated ark

Wait for rain and wash the play
Leading lit up onto spray
Newly grown to make a pact
Knowledge fudged a lie in fact

Brought up to make work the way
Spoken hypocritic pray
Mounds of gods that felt your pulse
Bated breathy leering hulks

Wanted in an other state
Extradition's not too late
Thought you got away with flit
Hummingblurred by wingy writ

Law yer mouth to get it shut
Open not for lounging mutt
Dog that cat and love to sit
Lying down contented git

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