Alike to Try

when I - that is to say the motive force - 
amble up to the problem of life
me gives way to featureless strife
thus I fall of course of course
Mr. Death and the devil's carnation
hum that I must find style
sing a better song
and produce, make haste, deliver the goods
and I see it in the eyes of the passers, by and by
who are we to waste our end on a middle
that is dishonest, unmeasured, and bound to those we dislike
where can effort fail well, we ask ourselves and each other
to fall onto the way it ought to be with every step downhill
letting the sun make our growth but only as much as we need
hearing the monks say: you've been seeing and not hearing us
for thousands of years, and now it's time you spent your attention
on that which won't ask you to try

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