Who says for who and how, when one must do

Punctuated meaning is a description,
what the fuck does that mean?

It's out of the stream,
an order of events,
but inexplicable, couldn't you agree?

Don't question goes the saying.
I reject, went the plot.
Authors are itty itty taking pity
making worlds and starting cities.

Alternatively, readers might right 
the written ship when it's starboard askew
to prop the set up 
with a structure anew.

Counting, probability, no help. 
Short sentences don't prevent redivision,
we cells only know our selves until
asunder splits us in another.

Length: tell it the number of words
and it will make what you wanted;
it's a robot computer telephone port,
held to account and broken for sport.

Shame, you monster, thank you for keeping
me up at night and reminding me to be perfect
or else or else, the day will take revenge on 
the moment all accidents collide at once.

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