Search Terms

Conditionally, knowledge might be looking out
Trying to found a corporation whose tenets
Are: rent from me and I will suck out your soul,
No liability, upside only boat without life;

Is that a cynical stanza; don't answer that,
self-referential libraries are impossible
to navigate, so go out the side door into 
the digital stacks and declare: inconsistency;

Did the well run tears up to the faucet
Your salt water didn't question drunkenness
And my conversation was a dual to the breath
An article of awful faith in in and out;

Repetitive is the spelling we deserve
For our hold is tight on the end of things
Matter doesn't mean mulch until the 
Compost of collective life has fully rotted out;

Tether colons to ands but or is in higher demand:
To be decisive is the greatest quality of readership
Which way, how one, aggress digress progress
Speechifying makes it so if there are enough people cheering;

And that's how the world gets organized,
Generalities made specific
And context demolished in favor
Of the ore you mined without a brain.

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