I’m Dying

Whether it's a hundred days or ten thousand
Please don't check my math at the end
It adds up like the sun on the little yellow butterfly
Multiplies by the smile that dandelion wisps touch

And the logic that extends a cicada hand
To the ear of a willow's fingers
Describes the secret burp of fellow creature
Stumbling across the pine an hour before dusk

Tell me I nurtured my nature
And forgot who I was a lot
Whisper to my bones wherever they are
That love was covered in plot

Theatrical moments are long lost to time
As such so am I
Authentic the sadness I knew every day
As fidgets and failures remembered

Erase the fraught minutes for me
Your determinations mean what the clouds dried up
Under an ocean of starless daylight 
Whose sparrow sought the safest place
At the eye of the threatening hawk

Please don't worry about what's coming
I will take care of that
At the helm of a whale 
Whose body is a river

Memory is wasted on the living
According to minds set with death
Delivered under an accidental bridge
The perpetual spirited breath

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