Extended Mind

Infer: the beyond the brain
is a land without time or boundaries.

Obviate: the seated grind,
it's why school can be miseries.

Variegation might articulate 
how to be more like a weed;
spread when you can and climb
what you will in order to go on to seed.

Seep, as water, fly, as air, 
guard little for the motive
cannot be traced to any 
source: rivers are where and
what they are.

Contortions of crickets 
make barters with birds,
jealously losing
everything words.

Context is catharsis 
to general speed
ambition won't catch you
if you refuse to lead.

Every poem is about the mind
and every mind is the whole 
curl of the feather on the ground
with decomposition and the egg.

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