The Subject is the Message

Historians begin with the premise 
The past exists and might have something 
To do with the present 

Anthropologists put humans at the center 
While psychologists imagine a normal 
Healthy mind and how to get there 

Sociologists yearn for groupish harmony 
While economists know that rational 
Efficiency is going to survive like it or not 

English is a language art dictating a mere 
Twenty six ways to be 
As philosophers wrangle with duality 

Truth is slippery according to none 
For good turns are political science 
And biologists don't have any fun 

Physicists go for matter over mind 
Businesspeople are in terror of poverty 
Medicine sees the problem and cures the meat 

Poets wish the world shone with 
Lavender birdsong and are certain 
That everyone else is wrong

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