A walk through an art museum is a modern film
Years per moment and always the shill
Betting on houses and framing the fool
Did you learn solo or all at our school

Making a monument gaining the flow
Trumping the horn on clock tock bestow
Video medium thank you for that
All that influence stank up and drat

Falling for love that ain't naught but sims
Mating the turtles to pond-up the limbs
Hide from your arms and use up your back
Marketing adverts and selling your slack

Taught is the line to carry the load
What are the moneys but cultural code
Facing the music that betting you stole
Tracing a groovy and getting that role

Direct this forgotten piece right up that hill
Moribund failure but now it's a thrill
Media's manufixing your brain
Stalwart is cell phone that can't help but stain

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