Grim Stract

Verdant plywood flooring 
Contains the glue 
Holding ideologies together 
Facing the end of me and you 
For where did we begin 
At the end of founded sums 
Bought at the right time 
Utter color in boxes 
Say the shape right 
Else the left might make a face 
But this is not the canvas for that 
As you knew long before 
Say how long and I'll ask how much 
Measures medium story thrust 
Yet you won't find the beginning 
Not in this false metaphor 
For society 
We did what we thought we should 
Effectively erasing intent 
From the dialogue outside 
Growing metanonsense 
Commenting, so wrong 
Thus order a scramble 
And eat the omelette 
With the straightest face

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