What's youth to do in a world in which
generations determine values and
the elders are electing to enlarge 
the length of already-long careers?

Consider the benefits of not peaking 
in one's thirties or at forty two
of having the lengthiest education 
that personal time can buy;

gather nuts for the long ride
and store them in a dry mellow
in whose comfort the brilliance
of a long life and a certitude 
that responsibility will come
might make the waiting peaceful;

and so make ready
but not too fast:
I watched my father
go hard
after prosperity
and contribution
only to find in the final
decade the place where 
his giving could be
all received;
and it was.

This is not an isolated 
example, just look at the 
data and the heads of 
society and then relax,
read, and do what you can
to prepare.

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