Striving, Nay

Surviving, taken as a critical, difficult,
awful task at odds with amiability
and companionship, unless made for 
a purpose, such is the grossness of 
the utilitarian, We Cannot Make Do
Without Hazardous, The Few,
for rank is a stink that makes up
their way of seeing, of course,
the discordant notes is not 
a method for getting on, thank you,
but rather learning, randomness, beauty,
without Purpose or Mission, 
calumnies against the attribution 
of trying to the goose or the mouse,
for to be is to do is to mark the
day with the continuity of life,
rather to think of the living 
of a tree and the process of a 
squirrel, the life of the body,
politic or otherwise, is far
from just getting on.

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